Recommended Pet Care

VACCINATIONS/DEWORMING:   For protection from common diseases, begin your puppy or kitten’s vaccinations at eight weeks of age.  At North Figueroa Animal Hospital, we will advise you of the best way to insure your pet’s good health through preventive immunizations and deworming.   Rabies vaccination is required  by State law at four months of age for all dogs and is recommended for cats.  Your rabies certificate is also required by the City or County in order to license your dog.  North Figueroa Animal Hospital provides affordable rabies shots and other pet immunizations and will notify you when your pet's vaccinations need to be renewed.


SPAYING (females) or NEUTERING (males): 

 Both the City and County of Los Angeles have spay/neuter ordinances requiring spay/neuter of all dogs and cats over the age of four months, with certain exceptions.   These laws were passed to decrease the pet overpopulation in the Los Angeles area and lower the rate of unwanted pets that are euthanized in shelters.  Early sterilization of dogs and cats can have a positive influence on behavior, as well as health benefits and a HUGE savings on your dog license (which is required for all dogs over four months of age).   North Figueroa Animal Hospital provides affordable spay/neuter and cooperates in the L.A. City voucher program and other organizations that provide private financial assistance. (L. A. City Animal Services) (L.A. County Animal Care & Control)

MICROCHIPPING:  Although it is always advisable to have a visible ID on a pet’s collar, microchipping provides a safe and permanent way to assure your pet can be identified and returned to you if he/she becomes lost.  We provide affordable microchipping at North Figueroa Animal Hospital by painlessly injecting a tiny computer chip (about the size of a grain of rice) between the shoulder blades, just under the pet’s skin.  If you cat, dog or rabbit is found, any animal shelter, veterinary clinic or humane society can scan your pet to read the ID number contained on the chip,  Your name and address can then be accessed and your pet can be returned safely to you.  You must be sure the contact information is updated if you move or change your phone number or if your pet is placed in a new home.



All dogs and cats benefit from regular baths and brushing to keep skin and fur clean and remove fur that has been shed.  However, long-haired dogs and cats are susceptible to matting and need professional grooming.  Matted and tangled fur can result in pain, irritability and restricted movement in both dogs and cats. 


Groomers also provide nail clipping and other services.  If a dog’s toenails are allowed to grow too long, they may curl back into the pads of his/her paws, resulting in severe pain and the inability to walk.  Reguarly clipping your cat's nails and providing a scratching post can reduce the possibility of damage to furniture.


See the obvious benefit of dog grooming below, but don’t forget that there are also benefits that are not as visible.  At North Figueroa Animal Hospital, we’ll check your pet thoroughly during regular visits and advise you if your dog or cat needs grooming or other skin care for good health.



Your pet needs regular exercise regardless of age or size. Failure to get enough exercise can cause restlessness, boredom, and undesirable behavior.  It can also result in your pet becoming overweight. Talk to us at North Figueroa Animal Hospital about your pet’s exercise program and proper weight maintenance.

BREEDING:  Breeding a pet is a serious decision and responsibility. Millions of animals are euthanized throughout the country each year because there are not enough homes. Be sure you can provide good homes for ALL puppies or kittens BEFORE you breed and are prepared for the potential expense and legal obligations that accompany this choice.

If you decide to breed your dog or cat, or allow them to breed unintentionally in the City of Los Angeles, you are required to purchase a breeding permit. If you sell the pups or kittens, your must first obtain a business license and tax permit from both the City and the CA State Board of Equalization. Be sure to check the L.A. Animal Services website at Consider spaying or neutering your pet before an accidental pregnancy results in more homeless animals. Most cats or rabbits can breed at four months of age and most dogs by six months. We recommend neutering males early to curtail hormonal urges and behaviors which may cause them to escape into the streets and become lost or injured. Spaying a female before the first "heat" has positive health and behavior benefits and avoids unwanted litters.  We are happy to talk with you about these very safe procedures.   

Discuss any plans to breed your pet with our knowledgeable veterinarians at North Figueroa Animal Hospital prior to breeding to assure he/she receives a thorough examination for proper health and sound nutrition and guidance in aftercare for mother and babies.